ICM Haarlem exhibition

Projects 01/11/2013

An installation with books and photos from the ICM collection, my own work and photos of my father:

Unter dem Baum 2
Ksenia Galiaeva
Opening: friday May 18th, 2012, 18:00
Open until June 22nd, 2012
‘Along with being a photo gallery, the ICM will also feature four different exhibitions over the course of this year in it’s new project room. Artists and photographers will be invited to prepare a show that relates to the ICM in some way. Our second guest is Ksenia Galiaeva (Russia, 1976).
In short, Galiaeva’s work is about the friction between individual time awareness and real time. As a methaphor for this, she has been portraying her family in and around their countryhouse in Russia for years. Most of the photographs have been taken spontaneously and are both humoristic and absurd. Thanks to the way she portrays her subjects, she grants them an universal distinguishability; and as opposed to family albums, she found a way to bypass the pitfalls of nostalgia. Aware she’ll have to abandon the subject of her family at some point, she complements her photographic work with references to classical photography, painting and literature.
She has recently returned from a three month trip to Japan, where she has been experimenting with non-lineair forms of narration, inspired by the tradition of Japanese folding screens. In and around the ICMs projectroom, the results will be shown.’

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