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Publications 01/12/2013

-> Где я, а где Япония. A present for my mother’s 80th birthday 2016 I took my mother to a trip to South Korea and Japan to show her places beyond her imagination. edition of 250    € 18,50 –    or    € 80,-  special edition of 20 with handprinted analogue photo 14 x 20 cm […]


Publications 16/11/2013

Time. Duration. Perception. Memory. Remembrance. Continuity. Repetition. Habit. Boredom. Escapism. Myth. (Ksenia Galiaeva, 2011) Download pdf: essay2011 The essay is about practical ‘problems’ of photography, like monocular perspective, the body of the viewer, and depiction of time and memory; and also about the time duration theory of Henry Bergson, the creative use of passivity, angst and […]


Publications 16/11/2012

Wij zijn de slakken/We are the snails interview with Thom Puckey for POINT DE VUE – 200 kunstacademie ‘s-Hertogenbosch (in Dutch), published by AKV/St.Joost ‘s-Hertogenbosch/Breda, 2012 Download pdf: wij-zijn-de-slakken


Publications 16/11/2011

Verbeelding die niet imaginair  is –  a text by Alex de Vries in Mister Motley (in Dutch), 7.09.014 review  (in Dutch) “UNTER DEM BAUM” 2 / Ksenia Galiaeva at ICM Haarlem – on We Like Art by Michiel Hogenboom Russische zomers on PhotoQ by Han Schoonhoven;  “UNTER DEM BAUM” 2 / Ksenia Galiaeva at ICM Haarlem Portret van Ksenia Galiaeva De schemerlamp op het bijzettafeltje by Jannie Regnerus in De […]