Publications 16/11/2013

Time. Duration. Perception. Memory. Remembrance. Continuity. Repetition. Habit. Boredom. Escapism. Myth.
(Ksenia Galiaeva, 2011)

Download pdf: essay2011
The essay is about practical ‘problems’ of photography, like monocular perspective, the body of the viewer, and depiction of time and memory; and also about the time duration theory of Henry Bergson, the creative use of passivity, angst and boredom, and the construction of family mythology.

Collage with Triangles

Download pdf:
English Collage with triangles
Dutch   Collage met driehoeken
a text (in Dutch and in English) about the mechanics of associations and forms of sugestive space, illustrated with icebergs, funnels, Bergson’s time-cone and a rose, written for an artists’ book of Ans Verdijk, august 2012

Tokyo through the clouds

Column for BK-Informatie Tokyo through the clouds/Tokyo door de wolken about my residency at AIT Arts Initiative Tokyo, 2012
Download pdf:
English Tokyo through the clouds
Dutch  Tokyo door de wolken
See also my ‘Japanese postcards’

Three Family Myths
the story written for my book ‘Dacha’, 2009
Download pdf: Three_Family_Myths

De Koffer
The story (in Dutch) is written for the book Object/Affect, Uitgeverij Pels & Kemper, 2010
Download pdf de-koffer-ksenia-galiaeva